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Ludum Dare 48 Jam page

We made Depth-First Search as part of the Ludum Dare 48 Jam. This was the project that kickstarted us building our own game engine that is now powering multiple other projects!

Depth-First Search is a rogue-lite: a game with permanent death but persistent upgrades. The project taught us a lot about how to throw together technology at the last minute to get a game out the door.

Original Description

Travel to the center of the galaxy using humanity’s hyperspace wormhole infrastructure. At each hop, race against the clock to complete objectives stopping you from progressing deeper. Purchase upgrades with Quarks to improve your spaceship’s maneuverability, survivability, and power.

Will you reach the center of the galaxy?


  • Move ship: WASDSpaceC
  • Roll: QE
  • Fire lasers: Left Mouse
  • Jump to Hyperspace (when a level is complete): G
  • Toggle Inertial Dampeners (when unlocked): V


depth-first-search.zip 52 MB

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