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Welcome to ZOMBIE DEMO GAME, an example of how you can build a tiny game in three days and practice shipping things!

This game is very short, incomplete, and buggy, but... it's a game! We released it! We wanted to show the Rust community that making a small game and putting it out there is a very cool thing to do.

Game Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Hold shift to sprint
  • Hold right click to aim, left click to shoot
  • R to reload
  • F to interact with doors and stuff

Editor Controls

This game includes our engine's built-in editor. You can open the editor from the main menu or pop into it at any time with F3.

  • F3 to toggle the editor
  • F5 to reload all assets and shaders

The Team


We wrote this game in Rust in a couple days using a custom engine we've been working on for a few months.

We use some amazing libraries from the Rust ecosystem, here are a couple that you should definitely check out:


This demo uses characters from Mixamo as well as a few free assets:

Other Notes

We found out after release that our DX12 and Metal backends are a little broken right now. If you're interested in helping implement the couple wgpu features we need on these platforms, we'd love to sponsor that work! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@LPGhatguy)


Windows (x86-64) v1.1.0 275 MB
Linux (x86-64) v1.1.0 278 MB
Steam Deck Test v1.2.0 359 MB

Development log

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